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ALL IMPRINTS (General Terms):

Please be careful to select the correct imprint for your story. Cross filed submissions will not necessarily be noticed and/or corrected by the acquisition editors. This may result in the rejection of a perfectly good story for being off-topic.

Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. publishes compelling science fiction, fantasy, (some crime) and horror stories from professional writers, and is directed towards a mature readership. Selected works are published through Amazon Kindle and Amazon Create Space and are available on a wide variety of e-readers and in print.

Use the below "Submission Link" to make your submissions to the most appropriate imprint. We use to manage all submissions for Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. We do not charge submission, reading, or editing fees and we will not redirect authors to any service that requires the payment of fees. Authors may be required to create a free Submittable account.

You may make multiple submissions to different imprints (maximum of ONE (1) per imprint please – including Quickfic) provided that each submission is in compliance with the submission guidelines. You may make simultaneous submissions; however, we will only accept reprint stories, so please keep this in mind if making simultaneous submissions.

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Authors will be provided with a complete Publishing Agreement for review and consideration prior to publication of an accepted submission. Authors will also be enrolled for participation in the Digital Fiction Publishing League royalty sharing program, for all imprints and submissions, including Quickfic, where net receipts are pooled and distributed proportionally between the League Members, including the publisher, authors, editors, and submission readers.

We provide professional editing and/or proofreading at our cost. Author must cooperate with the editor and make all required changes, additions, or deletions (not all changes are required). The editorial/proof process is done exclusively in Word format; use of Word Track Changes is required.

Thank you for considering Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. and its imprints, Digital Science Fiction and Digital Fantasy Fiction. We look forward to hearing from you. Now, find your best submission listing below:

Welcome to Digital Fantasy Fiction. We are excited to announce our first open call for reprint short stories in the fantasy fiction genre. These stories will be published as stand-alone short stories and as part of an anthology of ten short stories under the Digital Fantasy Fiction imprint, by the publisher, Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.

We are looking for reprint short stories that have appeared in professional or semi-professional books, magazines, collections, or anthologies, and that are available to be re-licensed by Digital Fantasy Fiction and published through Amazon as Kindle edition short stories as a stand-alone title and in an anthology of ten stories. We are not looking for (and will not license) self published stories (in any format/venue), stories that have been published and are available to download on-line (free or paid) as stand-alone stories (in collections and anthologies is fine),  or stories that are available free on-line in any form (magazine, archive, blog etc, but podcasts that have not been made available in print also are fine). Basically, if we search for your story on-line and find it, in writing, by title or content, and it's free in any format or for sale as a stand-alone story, then we won't license it - no exceptions.

Reprint short stories must have a length of between 3,500 and 7,500 words to be considered.

The following is a general, non-binding, statement of the terms under which Digital Fantasy Fiction publishes submissions but is superseded by the Publishing Agreement and DFP League terms and conditions that will be provided for review and agreement prior to publication and payment.

Authors are paid
 one (1) cent per word in United States dollars ($0.01 USD) based on final proofread word count. Accepted submissions are paid 100% on final proofreading, regardless of actual or proposed publication date. Payment is via PayPal. There are no fees, charges, or expenses of any kind charged to the author by the publisher; however, transaction, exchange rate, or banking fees charged by PayPal or third party banks are the responsibility of the author.

We buy exclusive second world rights to a stand-alone short story and one anthology, in the English language and any electronic, audio, and print format, with a twelve (12) month no new use clause. (You must agree not to reuse or republish the selected Work for a period of 12 months from first payment; but existing publications [excluding stand-alone digital/on-line versions free or paid] are fine but subject to disclosure.) Rights apply only to a specific short story release and one anthology, not general use of a work. The publishing agreement also allows for publication of the work in an established and recognized "best of" anthology at any time with notice to Digital of the same.

The work is initially published digitally exclusively for Amazon e-books and subsequently in a collection of stories as a digital and print anthology via Amazon Create Space. We provide proofreading and formatting at our cost. No additional (or very light) editing will be performed on your work prior to publication. You may be provided with a copy of the proofreading changes prior to publication, but your consent is not required. However, no substantive content changes will be made without the consent of the Author.

Authors must warrant, state, represent, and agree that the author has full and unrestricted right to re-license the work to Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. for publication in accordance with the Publishing Agreement, and that the author is the owner of the copyright to the work, without material encumbrance. Author shall be required to fully indemnify and save harmless the publisher for any failure to abide by these requirements. (Please do not license us something you don't own or can't license as intended. Digital Fantasy Fiction is relying on, exclusively, the representations of the author in this regard.)

Additionally, if your story otherwise qualifies and is selected for publication, we require that no self-published or other versions of the stand-alone story remain or be made available on-line (any country any written format) for a period of twelve months from the date of first payment. That is, if your otherwise qualifying story was ever published by you or a third party on-line as a stand-alone story, then you must agree to remove or have removed the story from on-line publication for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of payment. If you don't have control over your on-line content we will not license your work - sorry.

Digital Fantasy Fiction is a fantasy fiction imprint of Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. and we want fantasy stories. We will not consider science fiction stories or general fiction for publication by Digital Fantasy Fiction. Please consider our science fiction imprint if you have a qualifying science fiction story for our consideration.

We want stories for a young adult to adult (not children) audience. Content should be PG to R rated. No erotica, pornography, or gratuitously offensive content will be acceptedPlease don’t submit anything that fits these categories as it's a waste of your time and ours, thank you

According to Wikipedia, the source of all that is correct in the Universe (really?): “The identifying traits of fantasy are the inclusion of fantastic elements in a self-coherent (internally consistent) setting, where inspiration from mythology and folklore remains a consistent theme. Within such a structure, any location of the fantastical element is possible: it may be hidden in, or leak into the apparently real world setting, it may draw the characters into a world with such elements, or it may occur entirely in a fantasy world setting, where such elements are part of the world. Essentially, fantasy follows rules of its own making, allowing magic and other fantastic devices to be used and still be internally cohesive.” (

That said we almost prefer a definition of fantasy fiction along the lines of, "you know it when you see it". We don't get too hung up on sub-genres or specific requirements, the magic can be magical or mythical, the settings real or imagined. If you think you have a fantasy short story, then there's a good chance we will too. Just be careful to avoid trying us out with science fiction and clearly horror stories, and maybe not too many glowing vampires or were-creatures in love.

Thank you for considering Digital Fantasy Fiction and Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. We look forward to hearing from you.

* Please consider white-listing and to ensure receipt of submission related emails.

Please do not submit your story and tie up our Readers if your stand-alone story has been published and is available to download on-line (free or paid),  or your story is available free on-line in any written form (magazine, archive, blog etc), and you can't immediately take it down or have it taken down. We will not license it if it's on-line for free.