Including the imprints:
Digital Science FictionDigital Fantasy Fiction, and Digital Horror Fiction

-- Status --

DIGITAL SCIENCE FICTION (between 3,500 and 7,500 words)

Submissions CLOSED FOR  ALL: We are now closed to new submissions of reprint Science Fiction short stories. (Original stories are by invitation only.) - See Digital Science Fiction imprint submission category below for details. Response Time: We will respond to all Authors within 3-4 Weeks of submission receipt. 

DIGITAL FANTASY FICTION (between 3,500 and 7,500 words)

Submissions CLOSED FOR  ALL: We are now closed to new submissions of reprint Fantasy Fiction short stories. (Original stories are by invitation only.) - See Digital Fantasy Fiction imprint submission category below for details. Response Time: We will respond to all Authors within 3-4 Weeks of submission receipt. 

DIGITAL HORROR FICTION (between 3,500 and 7,500 words)

Submissions CLOSED FOR  ALL: We are now closed to new submissions of reprint Horror Fiction short stories. (Original stories are by invitation only.) See Digital Horror Fiction imprint submission category below for details. Response Time: We will respond to all Authors within 3-4 Weeks of submission receipt. 

QUICKFIC: Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction (between 250 and 3,499 words)

Submissions OPEN FOR  ALL: We are now open to new submissions of reprint Speculative Fiction shorter-short stories to OCTOBER 31, 2016.  Response Time: We will respond to all Authors within 3-4 Weeks of submission receipt. 

 -- End Status --

ALL IMPRINTS (General Terms):

Please be careful to select the correct imprint for your story. Cross filed submissions will not necessarily be noticed and/or corrected by the acquisition editors. This may result in the rejection of a perfectly good story for being off-topic.

Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. publishes compelling science fiction, fantasy, (some crime) and horror stories from professional writers, and is directed towards a mature readership. Selected works are published through Amazon Kindle and Amazon Create Space and are available on a wide variety of e-readers and in print.

Use the below "Submission Link" to make your submissions to the most appropriate imprint. We use to manage all submissions for Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. We do not charge submission, reading, or editing fees and we will not redirect authors to any service that requires the payment of fees. Authors may be required to create a free Submittable account.

You may make multiple submissions (maximum of ONE (1) per imprint please – including Quickfic) provided that each submission is in compliance with the submission guidelines. You may make simultaneous submissions; however, we will only accept reprint stories, so please keep this in mind if making simultaneous submissions.

-- Terms Summary - All Imprints --

Authors will be provided with a complete Publishing Agreement for review and consideration prior to publication of an accepted submission. Authors will also be enrolled for participation in the Digital Fiction Publishing League royalty sharing program, for all imprints and submissions, including Quickfic, where net receipts are pooled and distributed proportionally between the League Members, including the publisher, authors, editors, and submission readers.

We provide professional editing and/or proofreading at our cost. Author must cooperate with the editor and make all required changes, additions, or deletions (not all changes are required). The editorial/proof process is done exclusively in Word format; use of Word Track Changes is required.

Thank you for considering Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. and its imprints, Digital Science Fiction and Digital Fantasy Fiction. We look forward to hearing from you. Now, find your best submission listing below:

We are looking for shorter speculative fiction, in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres, for posting at as web content, and eventually to be published in eBook and print as a single collection. This listing will be open to October 31, 2016.

We are looking for reprint flash/short fiction that has appeared in professional or semi-professional books, magazines, collections, or anthologies, and that are available to be re-licensed by Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. and published through and on our website (for free) at and, eventually, on Amazon (print and eBook) as a collection of flash fiction in an anthology/collection. We are not looking for and will not license self published stories in any format/venue; the pro/semi-pro requirement is important,

Important Note: Stories will be posted on our website, for free access, so all of our content rules apply and we'll be turning up the filters for this as access will be available to all web wanderers, young and old. I don't imagine we'll take hard R or X rated stories of any kind, and if you're depending on heavy gore for your horror it might be a tough sell. As always with Digital, sexual assault of any kind and torture are out of the question. Read our other guidelines, turn up the "won't publish" to 11, and decide if it's worth your time and ours to submit. Also - because these will be published for free online, the chances of retaining much control over the content and its distribution is effectively nil. While Digital absolutely respects the copyright of the author, we're not going to chase down those persons/pages/sites that don't respect copyright. By submitting for online publication you are deemed to be accepting bad people do bad things they shouldn't, and for all practical purposes they'll likely get away with it. (Lawyers are expensive - trust me.)


Length: 250 (ish) to not more than 3499 words;
Status: Reprints (from pro, semi-pro, or magazine publications. Not self-published or original work.)
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. No particular sub-genres.


One (1) US cent per word as published, payable within thirty (30) days of the post going live, via Paypal (author pays transaction fees, if any);
Enrollment in the DFPL Royalty Sharing program, payable first against advance. (A strange creature whose powers are yet to be fully determined.);
Non-exclusive, non-restrictive, second world rights in English and in translation, for posting to the website (or successor domain/site) and for one print and eBook publication/title by the Publisher, in a collection or anthology of similar Quickfic works.

Author reserves all other rights of any kind and copyright to the work not expressly licensed by Digital.

A formal agreement will be provided for review prior to publication and payment.

We want stories for a young adult to adult (not children) audience. Content should be PG to R rated. No erotica, pornography, or gratuitously offensive content will be acceptedPlease don’t submit anything that fits these categories as it's a waste of your time and ours, thank you

Thank you for considering Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. We look forward to hearing from you.

* Please consider white-listing and to ensure receipt of submission related emails.

Michael Wills
Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.
Windsor, ON - Canada