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Digital Science FictionDigital Fantasy Fiction, Digital Horror Fiction
, and Digital Crime Fiction

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Submissions OPEN: Digital Fiction Publishing Reprint/Republish Novels. See link below for full details. Our novel publishing does not follow the general short-story guidelines, although some of the material still applies, such as the prohibition on erotica etc. Please check the link below.





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ALL IMPRINTS (General Terms):

Please be careful to select the correct imprint for your story. Cross filed submissions will not necessarily be noticed and/or corrected by the acquisition editors. This may result in the rejection of a perfectly good story for being off-topic.

Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. publishes compelling science fiction, fantasy, (some crime) and horror stories from professional writers, and is directed towards a mature readership. Selected works are published through Amazon Kindle and Amazon Create Space and are available on a wide variety of e-readers and in print.

Use the below "Submission Link" to make your submissions to the most appropriate imprint. We use to manage all submissions for Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. We do not charge submission, reading, or editing fees and we will not redirect authors to any service that requires the payment of fees. Authors may be required to create a free Submittable account.

You may make multiple submissions to different imprints (maximum of ONE (1) per imprint please – including Quickfic) provided that each submission is in compliance with the submission guidelines. You may make simultaneous submissions; however, we will only accept reprint stories, so please keep this in mind if making simultaneous submissions.

-- Terms Summary - All Imprints --

Authors will be provided with a complete Publishing Agreement for review and consideration prior to publication of an accepted submission. Authors will also be enrolled for participation in the Digital Fiction Publishing League royalty sharing program, for all imprints and submissions, including Quickfic, where net receipts are pooled and distributed proportionally between the League Members, including the publisher, authors, editors, and submission readers.

We provide professional editing and/or proofreading at our cost. Author must cooperate with the editor and make all required changes, additions, or deletions (not all changes are required). The editorial/proof process is done exclusively in Word format; use of Word Track Changes is required.

Thank you for considering Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. and its imprints, Digital Science Fiction and Digital Fantasy Fiction. We look forward to hearing from you. Now, find your best submission listing below:

Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. is looking for fantasy, horror, and science fiction novels (including romance but not erotica in those genres) from authors that want to turn over the business of selling books to us.

We know that writing a great book is hard. And we also know that some authors discover that selling their great book is even harder. Getting your book noticed against over 6 million other titles is beyond difficult - it's downright discouraging. We like to think we can help with that - and we're ready, willing, and able to do so. We do NOT take money from authors and we do NOT sell authors any services of any kind. Digital Fiction lives by the rule that money flows from publisher to author - never the other direction!

If you have tried self-publishing and decided it is not for you, consider submitting your book details for our review and if we love half as much as you do, we'll send you details of our reprint/republish novel contract.


- Must be a reprint in that it is currently published now, in any print/e-book format.
- Must be a great story in any of the above genres.
- Must be approximately 55000 words or more.
- Must be a stand-alone novel; or a series IF you are committed to licensing the entire series.

* No works in progress, no "I have an idea", no titles that have been licensed to others, and no fan-fiction or books set in worlds owned by others.


- You will receive a generous royalty share, being initially a 95% League share followed by a 45% share once Digital meets a pre-determined target for your novel. You will earn royalties based on the sale of ALL Digital Fiction stories, anthologies, novellas, and novels through the Digital Fiction Publishing League royalty sharing agreement. It's confusing but you WILL receive royalty payments regularly.
- You must grant Digital exclusive World e-book, print, and audiobook rights in exchange for the royalty, subject to reasonable reversion provisions.

To see current Digital Fiction titles, including novels participating in this program, visit the Digital Fiction Author Page on today.

This is a serious offer. Digital Fiction is looking for new content that is ready to go. 

Digital will, at its own expense, copy-edit, rebuild, and proofread your reprint novel. We will then make the same available for sale exclusively on Amazon in print, e-book, and potentially audiobook. (The exclusive is for Kindle ebooks in order to qualify for Amazon Select/Prime and Kindle Page Read revenue. If an audiobook is produced it will be through ACX and Audible/iTunes/Amazon exclusive with royalty share split with the Producer. Your print versions will be sold from any outlet that deals with CreateSpace through its wide distribution channels, so in this sense the print versions are not exclusive in the same way ebook and audiobook are.)  

Thank you for your interest.

Michael Wills
Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.